Bayelsa United condemn Kwara Adorable Stars to first defeat

Bayelsa United condemn Kwara Adorable Stars to first defeat

Kwara Adorable Stars recorded their first defeat losing 30-29 against Bayelsa United on Day four of the National Handball Division one league in Kaduna.

A late seven meters goal from Samson Yaro gave Bayelsa United the deserved win against the Ilorin based team.

Despite losing to Bayelsa United, Kwara Adorable Stars tops group A with 6 points on goal difference (+24), followed closely by Delta Force in second place with 6 points with goal difference of +21 and Bayelsa United occupying third place with 6 points with goal difference of -5.

The head coach of Bayelsa state, Opuene Yekorogha told  winning the game against Kwara state was a revenge mission accomplished due to the fact that they lost to the Ilorin based team at the U21 national championship in Lagos.

He said, “I feel delighted beating Kwara here at the Division one. It is a day I was looking forward to; they beat us at the U21 championships in Lagos and this is a revenge mission accomplished.

“I am going to take the games as they come because the aim is to take Bayelsa United to the premiership. For today’s game, we will do our best”.

He said Bayelsa United should not be written off as they can still qualify to the semi final with a match left.

Yekorogha said, “Bayelsa United is playing Benue Buffaloes in the afternoon and we will make sure we win the game in order to make it to the semi finals. We have materials to feature in the elite league. The thing needed is for the boys to play together for a long time and one or two players to strengthen the team.


Day 4 results


Delta Force 29-26 Gateway pioneers

Katsina Desert Warriors 24-29 Plateau Vipers II

Benue Buffaloes 25-14 Kano Pyramids

Yankari Bulls 30-22 Mindscope Gladiators

Confluence Stars 23-15 Police Machine

Kwara Adorable Stars 29-30 Bayelsa United



Confluence Queens 25-18 COAS Shooters Babes

Kwara Adorable Angels 53-19 Anambra Gallant Babes

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