2019 League: FRSC handball clubs sign new players

2019 League: FRSC handball clubs sign new players

The chief coach of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) handball club, Bala Mohammed has confirmed the signing of 19 players for the second edition of the Prudent Energy Handball league.

Mohammed told www.aclsports.com 9 male players signed Safety Shooters (male team) while 10 for Safety Babes (female team).

He said there is no automatic shirt for any player irrespective of their performances at their previous clubs.

The former Niger United player said, “For this season, I have signed 9 male players for the Safety Shooters and 10 female players for Safety Babes.

“In the first instance, the FRSC teams did not raid other club sides; these young players had the opportunity of recruitment across the nation. Most of them applied and the successful players from their respective states were taken. I had to harness the good players and assist them in getting into the teams to come and compete”.

He further said, “It is not a license for anyone who was recruited or given a job to make the teams. My team is just like Real Madrid or Barcelona; you must come and fight for your shirt. There is no automatic shirt for anybody”.

He stated that the reason behind beefing up the squad is to replace aging players who have played and won laurels for the club.

He expressed confidence that his opponents at the league will find it difficult when the second edition begins in May.

He said, “My team lost the Prudent Energy Handball League narrowly to Niger United due to some little hitches which includes my aging players and at the same time there are some other little problems we have solved now.

“The department of Federal Road Safety Corps headed by Corp Marshall Boboye Oyeyemi who has been a pioneer member of this team from the beginning, ensured that I have younger, credible and good players which have been employed and it means they become FRSC officials for life until they get retired.

“And I think with these young boys, I am going to work and I know this season is going to be tough for other clubs. Despite always been the team to beat and everybody works towards me, this time around I am going to work towards other teams too. I am not going to leave any stone unturned and prepared God’s willing”.

He promised Niger United hell this season.

He said, “Actually, my team has been beating Niger United it was only last season we lost to them. They know we are not a team they can beat all the time and we equally know Niger United is a good side.

“I think the game of 40 by 20 will always distinguish that; they know what happened in the first and second phase of the Prudent Energy Handball League. We narrowly lost to them by one goal in the first phase and we went back to the second phase, you could see what we did to them. Eventually due to some carelessness we lost the trophy.

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