Arinze Nwachukwu plays in the Champions League

Arinze Nwachukwu plays in the Champions League

Nigeria International, Arinze Nwachukwu has become the second Nigerian volleyball player to play in the European Champions League.

In an exclusive interview with, Nwachukwu revealed that he intends setting more records during his stay with Fenerbahçe Volleyball Club of Turkey.

The Nigeria International said, “I feel so happy becoming the second Nigerian player to feature in the Champions League because I was not expecting that to happen in my life within a short period.

“As long as I am still playing active volleyball, I want to keep breaking some new records in my career and set a standard in volleyball in Africa. I am also glad that I won my first major trophy (2020 Turkish Men’s Volleyball Super Cup) as a middle blocker”.

Volleyball:  Arinze Nwachukwu wins first professional trophy

The former Plateau Rocks player said he believes more Nigeria players can excel playing volleyball outside the country.

He told that his role model in volleyball is Wouter Termaat.

Nwachukwu said, “I strongly believe that more players from Nigeria can play outside the country and make positive mark. Last year, Emmanuel Samuel (NSCDC player) and I wanted to bring five players to Turkey but they could not secure visa at the Turkish embassy.

“The doors of volleyball are now opened to more players and I am optimistic that Nigeria players will excel”.

“When I started Volleyball, I did not have role model until I start playing in Fenerbahçe team and met Wouter Termaat.

“I and Wouter Termaat play in same team and same position; I  have watched the way he plays, his character the way he behave from there I said yeah this is the person that I want to play like”, he added.

He urged younger players not to give up their dream on volleyball whenever they are discouraged.

Nwachukwu said, “The upcoming players should keep doing their best not mind whatever people are saying to discourage them”.

Former AS Cannes of France star, Thomas Aroko is the first Nigerian to play in the Champions League.


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