NYG: Forget first position – Oluwatoyin Gafar to Delta state

NYG: Forget first position – Oluwatoyin Gafar to Delta state

Director General Lagos state sports commission, Oluwatoyin Gafar has told Delta state to forget about the first position at the 5th edition of the National Youth Games holding at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state.

Gafar disclosed this during the screening exercise of athletes at the multipurpose hall at the University of Ilorin.

Oluwatoyin Gafar told www.aclsports.com that Delta states and other state will not have it easy at the National Youth Games this year.

He said, “Lagos is at the Youth Games to give every state good fight for every competition we will be participating in. Delta state has participated in the 5 editions; this is our second time and the first time we made our debut last year, Lagos placed second position.

“We hope to better our position last year because in all ramifications, we are getting things better because the state believes so much in grassroots development in conjunction with the mission and vision of the campaign promises of the governor that sports should be taken to the primary school. Delta state is not going to have it easy and all other states”.

He revealed that the state is yet to receive any news of disqualified athletes throughout the screening exercise.

Gafar said the State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu approved the budget of the National Youth Games early which aided the camping as well as preparations for the games.

He said, “We are not going to give the people of Lagos anything short of good news; I can confidently tell you that no Lagos state athlete has been screened out in the eight sports that has done screening. I mean, it is a remarkable development

“Our target is to give the competition the best shot; we have done our home work and the governor has really assisted us in a very good manner. Allocation of funds in time made our preparation and camp a lot easier. Kudos to the governor and we hope to make the best of the opportunity given to us at these games”, he added.

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