Ajannah: De Defenders/Defenders Babes under construction

Ajannah: De Defenders/Defenders Babes under construction

The head coach of De Defenders/Defenders Babes, Sunday Ajannah said his teams are under construction ahead of the 2019 Prudent Energy Handball League in Lagos.

The second phase of the Prudent Energy Handball League is scheduled for 5th to 17th October, 2019 at Rowe Park Sports Centre, Yaba, Lagos.

Sunday Ajannah explained to www.aclsports.com that De Defenders lost to some average teams because they faced two strong teams back to back.

He said, “De Defenders and Defenders Babes are currently undergoing construction ahead of next month’s league. We are not fully prepared but still in the process of re-branding.

“The first phase was very tough because we played strong teams back to back which result to us losing points to some average teams in the league. The players were exhausted and could make little impact playing their next matches.

This time around, we will take each match as they come and garner more points playing against weaker teams”.

He revealed that Defenders Babes will sign a player to beef up the squad “For now, De Defenders will not sign any player but Defenders Babes have plans of beefing their squad” he added


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