Handball: Every player got their entitlements says Aaron Okojie

Handball: Every player got their entitlements says Aaron Okojie

The head coach of Edo Dynamos, Aaron Okojie said his girls collected allowances due to them after the end of the 2018 Prudent Energy Handball League in Lagos.

Okojie challenged any player who doubts his integrity to write a petition against him to the necessary authority.

He told www.aclsports.com that the team consists of more than 10 players but it is strange only one player who has always been money conscious is making false claims.

Okojie said, “I have just told you every person got their official money as at approved. I have people who have worked with me in the past; if there is anything of such people have the right to write a petition.

“I do not want to talk much because some players can be funny. I had more than 10 players in the team and one person is saying I embezzled her money.

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“The player who raised the allegation ought to tell you how she intends to further her career in handball, her dreams and not being money conscious; they will later tell you in the future that press men manufactured a story when it boomerangs. To the best of my knowledge like I told you everybody got their entitlement”, he told www.aclsports.com .

He further said the player ought to have returned the money if truly she was shortchanged.

“She could have rejected the money given to her and there are certain things I will not bother myself on. Most of the teams faced challenges in the just concluded league but for the love of the game and effort put in place by the present board as well as our sponsors”.

Okojie said he will not tarnish the image he has built for over 30 years because of little funds.

He said, “I manage the team not only coaching; I started coaching in 1986. Most of the coaches you see now, I tutored them in the U12 team. Many of them are now coaches in various club sides all over the country. I can’t soil my name in the mud because of money meant for players.

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