NWPL: Imo, Okoronkwo remain our players – Danjuma

NWPL: Imo, Okoronkwo remain our players – Danjuma

Head coach of Nasarawa Amazons, Christopher Danjuma shed some light on the controversy surrounding the said move of AWCON winning duo, Anam Imo and Amarachi Okoronkwo to a Hungarian top flight side.

About a month ago news circulated online about the purported move of Super Falcons duo, Anam Imo and Amarachi Okoronkwo to Hungary. However, in the build up to the NWPL Super 4, their parent club Nasarawa Amazons denied knowledge of such move maintaining that the players remain members of their team as no official approach has been made to the club for their services.

Speaking after losing their NWPL title to Bayelsa Queens, Danjuma said the absence of both players was felt and that players need to do better with contract situations. “Our players need to be educated on what a contract is,” he began.

“If the local league produced these players and they have not completed their contract here, the league should not be denied their services in times like this. So ofcourse, their absence (Anam Imo and Amarachi Okoronkwo) was felt. We built this team together with them and got here playing 14 matches losing only once in the league and then two players just left.

“When news was flying in the media we didn’t do anything because we don’t know anything about that, nobody has said anything to us about them and as far as we are concerned, they are our players but we are being told they cannot play because they are involved in another contract,” he added.

Speaking on the current situation at the club and how the club is handling the matter “The Government is just waiting and watching to see how it goes before they respond.

“You sign a player for the season and then you haven’t concluded the season and they say your player cannot play because they have been involved in another contract. What do you do? You want to stay and watch when somebody will bring document(s) showing that you have been negotiated with or informed about the movement of your player.

Asked if he knows the whereabouts of these players “I don’t know,” Danjuma said.

Efforts are however underway to hear from the players themselves on the current situation regarding the said move and their club careers.

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