NAWIS pleads with Gov. Ayade over Pelican Stars unpaid salaries

NAWIS pleads with Gov. Ayade over Pelican Stars unpaid salaries

The Association of Nigerian Women in Sports (NAWIS) has appealed to the Cross Rivers state Governor, Benedict Ayade over 9 months unpaid salaries of Pelican Stars Football Club.

In a statement signed by the National President NAWIS, Professor Florence Adeyanju said the payment of the backlogs of salaries will help alleviate the sufferings of the young and promising players.

The Professor of Human Kinetics revealed that NAWIS has taken it upon itself to intervene and appeal because they care about the welfare of their  athletes.

She added that NAWIS is committed to the empowerment of women in sports, fighting for their rights and making life comfortable for them through all legitimate means.

The statement read, “With due respect and humility, Association of Nigerian Women in Sports (NAWIS) a non-Governmental Organisation comprising of women who are into sports in various spheres and the body approved by the Federal Ministry of Sports Development to represent the interest of women on the Boards of National Sports Federations, wish to acknowledge your good deeds as a seasones virologist, fatherly role and humanitarian gesture.

“As a very caring father, we appeal to you to kindly interevene in the sutuatiin of our dear aister and daughter of Pelican Stars Football Club Calabar who have not been paid their salaries since August, 2019”.

It read, “Sir, we appeal to you to approve the payment of their outstanding salaries so as to alleivate their suffering

“We are grateful for the time taken in reading our appeal while we await with great hope your qucik positive resolution to this painful issue”.

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