Handball: Our opponents are in for surprises – Ndudi

Handball: Our opponents are in for surprises – Ndudi

The Head Coach of Imo Grasshoppers, Stella Ndudi told www.aclsports.com that her players are ready to beat other teams ahead of the 2019 Prudent Energy Handball League in Abuja.

Imo Grasshoppers takes on Owena Quuens on Tuesday by 7am at the Velodrome of the National Stadium, package A. Ndudi said the team has worked on the lapses of last season where they lost crucial games at the second phase in Lagos.

She said, “It is better for our opponents not to underrate us because we are going to surprise them this time around at the league.

“The mistakes of last season have been corrected and the trophy is our target this time around; Imo grasshoppers will take her possession”.

She disclosed that Imo grasshoppers did not sign any player in addition to the previous ones on ground.

Ndudi said, “We did not sign any player this season. All the players you see are our products, grasshoppers have never gone to buy any player instead; they come to collect my players”.

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