Gbagbi: Taekwondo becoming an important sport in Africa

Gbagbi: Taekwondo becoming an important sport in Africa

Ivorian taekwondo practitioner Ruth Gbagbi returned home days ago from the Croatia International Open where she won gold in the 67kg category.

The 25-year-old athlete, who clinched bronze medal in the 2016 Olympic Games, is counting her third success in just two months following a gold medal in Bulgaria on October 18 and silver in China on November 2.

“It’s been a smooth ride for me and I am very happy because it’s encouraging with less than a year to the Olympic Games in Tokyo,” she told

“We have a double responsibility of flying our country’s (Ivory Coast) flag and promoting taekwondo as a sporting discipline, which is becoming important in Africa.

“Taekwondo is the future of combat sport and African girls could benefit from it. We are naturally strong. All we need is the technical aspects of the sports. We can conquer the world,” she added.

After a three-month arm injury layoff, Gbagbi returned to training in August and has been active since then.


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