Drogba confident of his ‘capabilities ‘ahead of FIF vote

Drogba confident of his ‘capabilities ‘ahead of FIF vote

Ivory Coast football federation (FIF) is currently holding its annual convention, which is meant to install an independent committee to handle the September 5 election for the body’s president.

All three officially declared candidates Didier Drogba, Sory Diabaté and Yacine Diallo are attending the week-long gathering in the country’s political capital, Yamoussoukro, after which campaigns will be declared open.

The usually quiet election for the FIF’s presidency is drawing international attention due to the involvement of the Chelsea legend Drogba, 42, who is the choice of almost every ordinary Ivorian.

“This is the first time I am attending an FA convention. Everything is going on fine as expected. There have been some minor difficulties but generally the convention has been so smooth,” Drogba said on Tuesday.

“People keep asking me if I can make it. Well, I think you don’t throw yourself in such a race if you don’t trust your strength and capabilities. I have what it takes to win and lead the body.

“After playing professional football in different continents I believe I have the experience and vision to change our football. My programme will be a Social Vision. It means giving football back to its owners, who are the people, the fans, the supporters. These people are the real owners of football,” he said.

However, Drogba still has one major hurdle to surmount which is obtaining patronage from the five interest groups (Association of Active footballers, Referees Union, Association of Coaches, Association of Sport Doctors and Association of Retired Footballers).

A candidate must have at least one patronage to be able to contest for the presidency.

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