Didier Drogba in favour of a quadrennial AFCON

Didier Drogba in favour of a quadrennial AFCON

Chelsea legend and retired Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba has backed a proposal from FIFA president Gianni Infantino calling for the Africa Cup of Nations to be held every four years as opposed to its current two-year format.

Drogba claims that the longer wait for the tournament would boost interest and eventually make it more spectacular.

“It could be a good thing because it would bring an extra flavor to the tournament due to its scarcity,” the former striker said.

“Now, it needs a compromise to agree on the format. African FAs need to meet to discuss and see if they can adopt it.”

Drogba also believes that the four-year period would be of great advantage to African professionals who ply their trade in Europe.

“Every two years when they return from the AFCON they struggle to regain their spot at their respective clubs. I experienced it. It was difficult.

“Now, we have a new debate, an interesting one. I hope to contribute to it,” he said.

The next AFCON will be held in Cameroon early next year.

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