Volleyball: No international tournaments for Nigerian teams

Volleyball: No international tournaments for Nigerian teams

The President of Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Engineer Musa Nimrod told aclsports.com that the country will not attend any senior international tournaments.

He said the Volleyball Federation is ready to partner with potential sponsors in any part of the country in order to return the sport to its glorious days.

Nimrod said, “For this year, we’ll not go for any competition at the senior level because we want to inject new players into the senior category.”

“This means, we must use the Volleyball League to shop for new players. Thank God, the recently concluded Atlantic and Savannah Conference have exposed those hidden players,” he added.

“Our doors are open to all sponsors in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt or anywhere, so that people can come. The federation has a big and sellable product especially the beach volleyball; it’s a big product to sell anywhere.”

He revealed that the ladies are placed second in Africa while the boys are in the top 10.

“Bear this in mind: in Africa, the girls are ranked second in their category while the boys are shuttling between six and seventh position in Africa. We are building up a complete new team; the product is good.”

He recalled that volleyball used to compete with football in terms of popularity as well as delivery of honours to the country.

“Remember in the 70’s, I always say this; volleyball and football were competing with each other and we are going back to where we were before; I’m assuring you this,” he said.

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