Olatunji recounts 2018 Lagos Classic Open experience

2017 Zimbabwe Squash Open Champion, Yemisi Olatunji on Tuesday told aclsports.com that the points gathered at the Lagos Squash Classic Open will help improve her Women’s Squash Association ranking.

Olatunji who placed joint third at the tournament said despite losing in the Semifinals of the tournament, the event was successful.

She said, “After any tournament you go back home and strategize either on your winning or loss. And for me, this tournament will help my points add up in Women’s Squash Association (WSA) ranking as am pushing hard, seeing myself among the top world players”.

“The tournament was successful and I had fun despite the fact that I lost in semifinal of the tournament. I don’t give excuse for losing or winning a tournament”, she added.

She explained to aclsports.com that some of Nigeria players got the opportunity of playing in a full glass court for the first time ever.

“All the Nigeria players that participated both male and female tried their best despite the fact that some of the players where not used to the full glass court. The full glass court was ready on March 18th evening for use whereby the tournament is starting on the 19th”, she explained.

Commenting on how the North Africans affect her style of play, Olatunji said, “Actually, when we mention North Africa I think we are speaking of the Egyptians. In the first place, the way they take squash in Egypt is different from the way squash is in Nigeria”.

“Starting from the grassroots to the middle age, then the professional level for them is so easy to do because a lot of people are in full support both their government and individuals do come together to achieve their common goal. So comparing ourselves (Nigeria) with them is not even right”

The World number 208 revealed that she’s pushing very hard to play Women’s Squash Association (WSA) tournament this year.

“I’m really pushing hard to play another Women’s Squash Association (WSA) tournament, while other foreign players are set for another tournament. You can see the difference but I hope I get sponsors before the tournament proper”, she said/

Yemisi Olatunji won gold at the Zimbabwe Squash Open and a bronze medal in the Namibia last year.

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