Rafiu Salami: Nigeria will excel at the handball AAG qualifiers

Rafiu Salami: Nigeria will excel at the handball AAG qualifiers

The head coach of Nigeria handball senior national teams, Rafiu Salami has promised a decent outing at the 2019 All Africa Games qualifiers in Burkina Faso later this month.

He told www.aclsports.com that the current crops of players are virtually young and can spring up surprises.

The coach of Issy handball club of France said, “The male and female national teams resumed camp for the All Africa Games qualifiers last Tuesday. I can tell you that between the resumption date and now, there have been lots of improvements.

“I do not want to make promises this early because I do not know the level of preparation of other teams but If both teams (male and female teams) continue to train with this kind of zeal, there is no way both teams will not qualify”.

He said, “I am not interested in the performance of the team at the 2018 Nations Cup in Gabon. This is a new team that is taking shape; they have to write their own history of handball too in Nigeria. It is left for them to play like a team and make Nigeria proud”.

The former Zamalek player told www.aclsports.com that the teams have improved drastically.

He said, “The players are aware that I am a neutral person, I do not know anyone here apart from one or two of them that I saw when I was in the national camp but I think they are happy to be here and they are working very hard honestly. I was impressed with what I saw in camp this morning.

“In life, you have to start from somewhere; my team is virtually young but we have quality handball players I cannot deny that irrespective of their ages. The team is ambitious and with one or two experienced players in the team, they will do well”.

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