Queen Uboh-Idris: There is no peace in Nigeria Para Powerlifting

Queen Uboh-Idris: There is no peace in Nigeria Para Powerlifting

The President of Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation (NPPF), Queen Uboh-Idris said there is no peace in the federation. Uboh-Idris stated this on a television program, Channels Sports on Thursday.

She claimed that most of the board members of the Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation want her to share funds raked from sponsors.

Uboh-Idris disclosed that anyone who is elected board member of any para sports should be ready to give out willingly

She said, “I do not paint things; there is no single peace in the board of Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation. I do not know of any other federations or able bodied federations but I know that when you pledge to come into the board of any para sports, you pledge to have a big heart of giving not taking.

“Coming into the board of a para sport is more of charity or NGO and to see how to make life easy for the athletes and not for a retirement program or a way of making illegitimate money. Maybe that is why there is no peace”.

The Para Powerlifting boss said she abandoned her family and work in order to make the federation marketable.

She said, “I am not going to leave my job in the United States, my kids and come to Nigeria to beg for sponsors for the para powerlifters . I tell my board members every time that going out for a sponsorship drive is been a professional beggar; it is not easy to convince a Nigerian or African to put his money on an athlete.

“I am not going to look for sponsors, leave my work and share money to board members. The federation lost one of it athletes two months ago; all the expenses left by the athlete were catered by me. I spent almost 400,000 naira relocating the wife, paying school fee and hose rents on behalf of the late athlete”.

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