PrudentEnergyHandball: Joshua leads Kada Stars to first win

PrudentEnergyHandball: Joshua leads Kada Stars to first win

Like the Biblical character, Joshua Chahul was the leader and standout performer as Kada Stars defeated Borno Spiders 29-23 at the Prudent Energy Handball League on Monday.

The match played at the outdoor court of the Rowe Park in Yaba, Lagos, saw Kada Stars dominate proceedings from start to finish to claim their first win in the second phase of the league.

Chahul was clearly the most outstanding player on the court from both sides as he caused serious problems for the Spiders from the right-wing throughout the duration of the game.

Speaking exclusively to moments after the game, Chachul put their performance down to hard work.

“We played a very nice game and put in a lot (of hard work) in the game, ” he told

“We expect to keep up this performance and believe for greater things ahead.”

The win was the first for Kada in the second phase of the Prudent Energy Handball League, having lost their first two matches already.

In their first encounter, they were defeated 27-20 by De Defenders before Safety Shooters shot them down with a 25-15 scoreline in their second game on day two.

On his personal performance against the Spiders, the winger, who exploited the Spiders’ weak left, says it was all about self-belief and his coach.

“Yes, it was a tactic from my coach (to exploit that left side), ” he said.

“But we (already) lost two games, so this was our third match and I told myself ‘Joshua, you can do this’.”

“I put in a lot in this game. I believed in myself and i can go on and do more in the next game.”

The second phase continues on Tuesday for day three with Chahul’s Kada Stars in action. But what should fans expect from Kada after their first win? The winger adds;

“I believe in my team, we can go higher with the grace of God. We expect to do more after today (Monday).”

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