Nigeria to end North Africans dominance in handball – Olubiyo

Nigeria to end North Africans dominance in handball – Olubiyo

The Chairman Kwara State Handball Association, Emmanuel Olubiyo said Nigeria can end the dominance of North Africans reign in handball, if the country administers sports rightly.

Olubiyo stated this during an interview with at the Prudent Energy Handball League in Lagos.

He said handball has witnessed transformation in less than two years under Samuel Ocheho’s tenure.

He said, “Nigeria can dominate the North African when it comes to handball. One of the ways the country can achieve this is to work on the way we administer sports in Nigeria. Once this is worked on, I strongly believe that in the twinkle of an eye, we will overtake the North Africans.

“The current development in handball at the grassroots level has opened a new chapter in Nigeria and I’m optimistic that the country will rule the world. The coming of Ocheho is a blessing in disguise because it is beyond man’s imagination and with the transformation that has happened in handball, it is just the starting point”, he added.

He said the country has abundant talents at the grassroots level which are capable of dominating the age-group championships.

“Nigeria has more than enough players that can dominate the age grade categories. What the country needs is little commitment and timing for it to have them out. The players are put there and it is a gradual process; already the players are pulled out from the shell to showcase their talents.

“In as much as we have this on ground, this tells us that we have more raw players who are yet to be discovered. We look at a situation where the federation will host championships every six months of this magnitudes”  he added.

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