Maroc Diary 3: Enough hugs to last me for 2018

Maroc Diary 3: Enough hugs to last me for 2018

Friday was really a day of enjoyment for me, further sweetened by Nigeria’s win over Libya in the evening. That victory was the height of it because I honestly didn’t believe we could beat them, it means we’re likely to remain in Tangier after Tuesday’s game in Agadir.

The day started on a fast note for me, woke up late (again, because I slept late too) and was informed barely 15 minutes after that the Eagles will have their team walk in the next 45 minutes. I quickly rushed to brush my teeth to be part of it.

Got there on time and got few hugs from some of the players before a couple of selfies and tactical conversation with Imama Amapakabo as we strolled for the team walk. I rushed back to our hotel apartment at about 11:35am because my stomach was already crying for some tea which I had to oblige.

We headed for the Stadium about two hours to kickoff and after some tiring re-directions, we got inside the access areas and got all tags we needed for a complete coverage.

It was my first match day experience in Morocco and there’s no gain saying that everywhere was well organised and stewards are never aggressive or stereotyped as we can have in Nigeria. Courteous and helpful.

Journalists covering these competitions always enjoy oh! See enough choppings and booze (non-alcoholic ones sha) at half time of games. I thought to myself: “These people cannot cover NPFL or Super Eagles games in Nigeria o”. You eat as much as you can.

Samosa, burgers, chocolates, pseudo-cakes with juices, coffee or Moroccan tea. Chai! Enjoyment. And these Oyibos can chop? Come to Uyo where we arrive the Stadium at 1pm for a Super Eagles game at 5pm, denied chance of taking any soft drinks inside the stadium yet leave about 8pm after sweating it out in the Press Conference. Oluwa o.


Chopping Things…

In fact, we had to wait for the first half of the second game so we could feed some more at half time and immediately after the choppings, we left for our hotel. No one is ready to return inside that cold to watch Rwanda.

After the Eagles game, coach Salisu Yusuf saw me at the Media Centre just before the post match press conference, with full smiles shook my hands and gave me a powerful hug. He’d known me since I asked about goalscoring problems on Thursday here ( ) and he called me later during the evening training session to elucidate more, very honestly.

Yusuf’s hug was followed by Oga Toyin Ibitoye’s, the media officer who was also delighted with the win. The best of my hugs came from two ladies, one a journalist from Gabon. I think she likes me already but unfortunately, she speaks French, I speak English and I don’t trust anyone to be my interpreter in such matters. What do I do?

That’s all for Day 3, a victorious day.

See you tomorrow.


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    Reply johnpaul Nnamdi January 20, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Please, give that Gabonese my whatsapp number. I won’t ask for any other gift when you return.

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