Jayden Robinson Foundation set to empower youths

Jayden Robinson Foundation set to empower youths
A non-profit organisation in Nigeria, Jayden Robinson Youth Foundation (JRYF) has rolled out plans to empower African youths, reports www.aclsports.com 
At the launch of the Foundation last Friday in Owerri, Imo State, founder of JRYF Jayden Robinson stated that he has embarked on this journey in view of inculcating in young people core abilities essential for youth development.
“We want to put great efforts into youth sports development,” began Robinson in a press release made available to www.aclsports.com by the Foundation’s Kufre Ekpe.
Robinson contiinued: “Across Africa today, we have talented youths with exceptional skills but they lack the platform and opportunities to go from obscurity to prominence and self-worth and from being economic and social burden to great economic contributors.
“JR Sports Academy will create opportunities, give them access to quality trainings and expose them to top competitions and offer trials abroad, so that they can achieve full potentials.”
During the launch, Robinson disclosed that the Foundation will set up a one-stop sports academy, JR Sports Academy, in Abueke, Ihitte Uboma, Imo State that will see young athletes trained in football, athletics and table-tennis.
The Sports Academy, he said, will ride on the Foundation’s Inform, Mentor and Empower (IME) African Youth Model, which will serve as the backbone for the Foundation’s projects. 
To recruit the first set of beneficiaries to the football team, there will be a secondary school football tournament in December involving eight schools and the best talents from the competition will be selected into the academy. 
“We have partnered with expert trainers and professional sport coaches to develop specialized learning modules for us that our trainees will be mentored on to help build their capacity to function in different areas of sports,” added Robinson.

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