FifproAfrica slams Ivory Coast arm over Didier Drogba snub

FifproAfrica slams Ivory Coast arm over Didier Drogba snub

The African branch of the International Federation of Professional Footballers, FIFProAfrica, has condemned the decision of its Ivory Coast member, AFI, for failing to grant Didier Drogba support ahead of the football federation presidency elections.

AFI, the union of Ivorian footballers, one of the five interest groups who must back a candidate for the vote, shocked the nation with its decision to pick Yacine Diallo instead of Drogba, who is also the vice president of the body.

Consequently, Drogba’s chances of running for the FA top seat are getting slimmer by the day after also failing to secure the backing of three other affiliated unions.

His last hope lies with the union of sports doctors, which is yet to announce its choice of candidate.

FifproAfrica moved to condemn the decision, distancing itself from the position of AFI.

“The Board of FIFProAfrica distances itself from the position of AFI, which has refused to sponsor Didier Drogba, candidate for the presidency of FIF, and deprives its founding member and vice-president of the legitimate support expected from his own family”.

Former Ivory Coast players Yaya Toure and Copa Barry, who both are members of AFI, also condemned the decision.

The Ivorian FA presidency election is set for September.

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