Efe Sodje tasks Nigerian coaches on personal development

Efe Sodje tasks Nigerian coaches on personal development

Former Nigerian international defender Efetobore Sodje has called on Nigerian football coaches to develop their physical and mental capacity from time to time.

Sodje who featured twice for the Super Eagles at the 2002 FIFA World Cup has retired from the game and is based in the United Kingdom where he played in most of his career.

The 47-year old admits that there are quality coaches in Nigeria but highlights where they must do more.

“We have very good coaches in Nigeria but the problem we have is that we do not want to go and learn in advance (our knowledge),” Sodje told www.aclsports.com on Friday.

“Once they qualify to coach, they think being qualified means that they don’t have to do more courses. They have to do more courses, as a coach, you’re still learning. It doesn’t matter what kind of big club you have coached, you’re still learning.”

During his time with the Super Eagles, Sodje played under an expatriate (Bonfrere Jo at AFCON 2000) and an indigenous coach (Adegboye Onigbinde at 2002 WC). He believes that a lack of adequate tools to work with can also negatively affect the indigenous coaches.

“To make it easy for our coaches, I think they need support. What I mean by the support is giving them the tools required for the work and by giving them the tools, you allow them to express themselves while coaching,” added the former Crewe Alexandria ace.

Sodje currently works as a scout with Premier League side Sheffield United.

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