David Osaghae: I believe Nigeria Judo can rise again

David Osaghae: I believe Nigeria Judo can rise again

David Jesuorobo Osaghae was born in Benin City of Edo state in the late 60’s. Osaghae is the owner of Judo Movement, a Judo Club in the United States of America.

In this interview with www.aclsports.com, he tells how he left Nigeria for Europe and now the first African American MMA referee in the State of Pennsylvania, USA.

Aclsports: Who is David Osaghae?

Osaghae: My name is David Jesuorobo Osaghae a Judoka from Edo state. I won a bronze medal for the University of Benin at the 1992 Nigeria University Games (NUGA) at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state. After participating at the NUGA in 1992, I proceeded to observe the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Osun state in 1993.

Aclsports: After your NYSC, did you continue active Judo?

Osaghae: No, I left the shore of Nigeria 1st April, 1994. I traveled to Spain through the desert of Algeria and Morocco; I spent roughly one year wondering North Africa before entering Spain around October in 1995. Upon my arrival in Spain, I spent three months before finding my way into Germany where I continued my Judo training with several clubs.

I returned to Spain in 1997, stayed till 1999 before staging a comeback to Germany making a positive impact in the Judo community till 2009.

Aclsports: How did you begin the Judo Movement in the United State of America and why the interest in Nigeria Judokas?

Osaghae: I spent 10 years in Germany and became a citizen. Yes, I moved from Germany to USA ending of 2009. I want to get sponsors for Nigerian Judokas, create Job opportunities for them. I want to change the Nigerian Judo system to something similar to what Germany is using; sponsor Nigeria athletes to fight in Grand Prix and World Championships in Europe. Nigeria has not been represented in Judo at the Olympic Games since 2004; I want to move Nigeria Judo to a higher level.

I am not donating to the Nigeria Judo Federation (NJF) or any State organization like I did when I was living in Germany. I registered a Judo foundation in Nigeria where these mats are going to be put to use.

This platform or foundation is to give Nigerian Judokas a chance to compete on a global scale like other nations. The name of my Judo Club is David Osaghae Judo and Sports Foundation. I have over 100 Judo mats awaiting shipping to Nigeria.

Aclsports: What motivated you to invest in Nigeria Judokas?

Osaghae: I am trying to bring the Nigerian Judo to what it was back in my days and create opportunities for our young Judokas to represent and lift Nigeria up. I believe Nigerian Judokas can win an Olympic Games medal if they are given the same opportunities and facility like their European and Asian counterparts. I own Judo Movement, a Judo Club in the United States of America.

Aclsports: Looking at Nigeria Judokas, do you think they can square up with North African Judokas

Osaghae: Absolutely, Nigeria is a hub of Judo talent. Nigerian Judokas can be better than the North African Judokas if given the same facility and opportunity they have. They all have standard training facility, Nigeria does not.

Aclsports: Asides Judo, what other sports are you trying to promote?

Osaghae: I want to promote other sports in Nigeria other than football. I am raising funds now to build a facility that will allow Judo, Wrestling, boxing and athletics train together other than at the football stadium. It’s going to be an indoor facility.

Thank you www.aclsports.com for having this interview session with me, I hope we will partner in order to give Nigeria Judo a face lift.


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