Clippers Giving Opponents 3s to Think About

Clippers Giving Opponents 3s to Think About

The LA Clippers have perfected scoring from 3-pointers, and they get better by the day.  The Tyronn Lue-managed team has been making attempts from behind the arc, and it is paying dividends big time. A whopping 41 percent of their total shots have been made from outside the arc.

They currently enjoy a 43.6 percent 3-point scoring rate, which is by far the best in the league. On Sunday, they face Indiana Pacers, who will have to worry about the prospect of playing a team whose six key players boast a shooting of more than 42.9 percent. 

Pacers coach Nate Bjorkgren is aware of the threat posed by Clippers going into Sunday’s meet. 

“They are shooting it very well, as you can see.. We gotta do a good job of disrupting their offense and not letting those passes be so precise and right into their shooting pocket.” Said Bjorkgren speaking via Zoom. “We have to make them work to get open. By the time they get to that 3-point line and they’re set, ready to shoot, we gotta wear into them a little bit … our transition defense has to be great.”

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Paul George and Kawhi Leonard have combined to 11.2 buckets per game, but that is not all. George is breaking records, shooting a career and team-best 51.5 percent from outside the arc. Leonard is not far behind either, shooting at 43.1 percent from 3, which is his career’s second-best return. 

Coach Lue is not expecting their numbers to slow down, and he’s optimistic about his team’s shooting getting even better.

“We are doing a good job and coming into the season our coaching staff just talked about putting the basketball in Kawhi and PG’s hands.” Said Lue. “When we get into the playoffs, Kawhi, PG, they should be very comfortable offensively making plays for themselves and also for the team and that’s what they’re trying to do. If PG continues to play the right way and moves the basketball and Kawhi does the same thing, I think he’s going to get open shots.”

“And PG with open shots, that’s what we want. We play the right way, I think he can still continue to shoot the ball the way he’s been shooting.”

Last week, LA Clippers announced that Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario, their G League partners, will be part of the forthcoming G League bubble.

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G League Format

A total of 17 NBA G League teams, alongside G League Ignite will take part in a 2021 regular season that will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. Eight teams will proceed to an elimination playoff at the end of the regular season.

Coach Lue is not certain about the Agua Caliente roster format, but he is convinced it is all worth the reported investment of $400,000 – $500,000 for participating teams. It has been reported that 11 teams declined to take part.


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