Judo boss explains impeachment plot by former board members

Judo boss explains impeachment plot by former board members

President of the Nigeria Judo Federation, Timothy Nsirim has stated why he faced an alleged plot by members of his board to impeach him during his first tenure.
Nsirim was accused of neglecting his duties for politics by his former board members from South-West.

The politician turned administrator, returned unopposed for a second term in office as the Judo President in June.
Nsirim was speaking at the monthly Foskolo/SWAN Platform this week at the Nigeria Union of Journalist Press Centre, Port Harcourt. The programme is set aside for Rivers State Sports Writers to interact with Sports administrators, ex-internationals , coaches and players on sports development.

Nsirim said his members from south west wanted him out of the board because of their selfish interest.
“One thing has kept Nigerians backward and that’s greed. When I was vice president, I supported my predecessor all through his tenure which he handed over to me. A man named Musa Oshodi from Oyo State surprisingly didn’t behave well. He wanted power by all means and did all he could to get me out forgetting I am the sole financier of our Federation.”

Nsirim added that he never wanted to return as President but came back to prove a point to his board members.
“I had no intention coming back for a second term but Oshodi made me to. He has a bad character and I had to prove to him that he is nothing. I made sure he failed woefully and at the moment he is not on the board.”

“Oshodi took over the position of the Vice president, technical director, everything and he goes round telling people he has money to spend around. The matter is over and I now work with different set of people on the board. I only hope they behave well.”

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