2021 Handball C’Ship: Niger defeat Sokoto

2021 Handball C’Ship: Niger defeat Sokoto

Niger state defeated Sokoto by 28 to 22 goals in the U21 Boys match at the ongoing 2021 National U18/21 Handball Championship in Lagos.

Sokoto led Niger by 11 to 10 goals in the first half of the game but could not maintain the lead as high flying Niger equalized 19-19 before ending the second half with a six goals difference and topping Group B of the U21 table.

On her part, Lagos extended their unbeaten run by beating Plateau 23 to 18 goals in the second Group B match.

Niger with two wins leads Group A with four points and +20 goal difference while Lagos is second with four points and +11 goal difference, Sokoto is third and Plateau sits at the bottom of the table.

Another mind-blowing encounter was the game between Mindscope Academy and Ogun state. Both team based in Ogun state produced lost of exciting moments but Mindscope stole the day beating Ogun state by 31 to 28 goals in the U21 Group A.

Kwara defeated Oyo by 30-20 Oyo to top Group A of the U21 Boys with four points and +16 goal differences; Mindscope is occupying second position with four points with +11 goal difference.


Day 3 results


Kogi 21-10 Mindscope (Boys)

FCT 19-13 Plateau (Boys)

Ondo 25-29 Ogun  (Boys)

Niger 18-10 Osun (Boys)

Mindscope 28-25 Ondo (Boys)

Lagos 21-15 Kogi (Boys)

Osun 18-8 Providence (Boys)

Niger 28-9 Ondo (Boys)



Kwara 30-20 Oyo (Boys)

Mindscope 31-28 Ogun state (Boys)

Niger 28-22 Sokoto (Boys)

Lagos 23-18 Plateau (Boys)

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