Tributes and reactions as Wenger decides to quit Arsenal

Tributes and reactions as Wenger decides to quit Arsenal

News broke this morning that Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger will leave the club at the end of the season after 22 years in charge.

Read Wenger’s statement below:

Arsene Wenger

Since the announcement, tributes have continued to flow in from fans, legends of the club and lovers of the game of football. So following Arsene Wenger’s decision to leave the North London club, here are some of the tributes to a great man and manager.

“He looked like a University Professor. You know he had this massive jacket on, his big glasses, he didn’t seem like a football man,” Ian Wright on Arsene Wenger when the Frenchman arrived at the club.

“There was a change instantly from the Friday to the Monday. It was a total different change in the way we prepared and the way Arsenal prepared from then on to this day on. So he’s a very impressive and intelligent man.

“That invincible side was a combination of everything Arsene Wenger. Once he got there, some of the football was like fantastic stuff. It was real real magnificient stuff. He changed the way people looked at Arsenal. He took Arsenal’s name global with the way we play. It wasn’t too many years before he came there people were singing boring boring Arsenal. He’s got to get a lot of credit for that and his first 10 years were magnificient.” – Ian Wright.

“With him I reached my best moment with Arsenal. Of course, for me Wenger was very important. So we know perfectly the football, maybe we have the same philosophies.

“For me it was a big privilege to work with him during six seasons. We won together some titles, I learnt a lot every morning, every game. Well done for everything. You are one of the best Premier League managers since a long, long time. Well done boss.” – Robert Pires.

“He’s been the major figure for this club for over 20 years. He’s been so impressive for me and he’s trusted me so much throughout my career, in bringing me here, giving me the opportunity to play here and making me captain even when I was injured. He also gave me a future role here at the club, so I’m very grateful and humbled for the opportunity he gave to me.

“It is a sad day for me but we’re also moving forward for the future. It’s in Arsène’s interest as well that this club will give positive memories to the fans and the people.”- Arsenal captain, Per Mertersacker.

“Today we could probably say he was, and is still, an influencer in football. He has a fantastic career, outstanding personality, [he’s] just a really big player in that business. We usually change overnight and he was there for so long, 22 years – that’s long!

“He’s been very, very successful, that’s how it is. Maybe in the last few months not everybody was happy anymore about this or that result, but that’s normal and part of the business. But he always developed teams, brought fantastic players in, was a dominating guy in the mid-90s, early-2000s when he was really winning pretty much everything and played wonderful football. But from my side I wish him all the best, and hopefully I can meet him at one point again and tell him that in a personal talk.” – Jurgen Klopp on Wenger.

Below are some stats during Wenger’s 22 years in charge:

Arsene Wenger

823 – Arsene Wenger has managed the most number of Premier League matches by any manager. Of the 823 he won 473, drew 199 and lost 151.

17 – Number of titles won. 7 FA cups (the most by any manager in English football), 3 PL titles and 7 Community shield trophies. It remains to be seen if the Frenchman will add the Europa League to his collection at the Emirates.

124 – Number of opponents faced by Arsene Wenger as manager of Arsenal and he has failed to beat only 5 of them.

86 – Wenger has won the most Champions League matches excluding qualifiers, despite never winning the cup.

49 – Longest consecutive unbeaten streak in the league. Arsene Wenger remains the only manager in the history of the Premier League to go an entire season unbeaten from May 2003 – October 2004. Hence the title; the invincibles.

He coached the greatest side in the history of the Premier League, played some breathtaking attacking football, nurtured and kept faith with some exciting young talents till they grew into their own; there is absolutely no doubt that Arsene Wenger is one of EPL’s great.

Arsene Wenger


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