Volleyball: Nigeria Immigration Service relegated to Division 1

Volleyball: Nigeria Immigration Service relegated to Division 1

Nigeria Immigration Service men’s team have relegated to the National Division 1 League. Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) won 5 and lost 13 matches at the end of the 2021 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League Season.

The Coach of Nigeria Immigration Service, Kayode Ajilore attributed the relegation to their poor run in the first phase of the 2021 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League.

Ajilore told www.aclsports.com that NIS wants to retain some of the players that performed well at the second phase of last season’s Premier League

He said, “It is not a good experience because I know every team that participated in the Premier League wanted to the win the league but despite our good fight, we got relegated. The poor preparation in the first phase is responsible for our predicament; we won one game out of eight matches. In the second phase, we won four and lost five matches; it was already late for us to catch up with other teams.

“We are looking at retaining the players that featured for us last season that is if they wish to stay. You know all the players who are uniform personnel will definitely remain in their various clubs but those that are not employed by various military and para military organisations have the liberty of making transfers to other club sides.”

“The Nigeria Immigration Service team will convince some of the free transfer players to stay with us but if they feel they do not want to stay, we will have to look for other players to beef up the team,” he added.

The former National Beach Volleyball player said his team will return to the 2023 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League after their sojourn in this year’s Division 1.

He said, “If you fall, you still have a chance of rising up but staying at the top is very difficult. I want to encourage the players to keep faith in the team. The coaching crew will go back to the drawing board because we are definitely returning to the Volleyball Premier League.”

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