V/Ball: Okonmah expects a tough match Vs Morocco

V/Ball: Okonmah expects a tough match Vs Morocco

The Captain of Nigeria women’s senior volleyball team, Theresa Okonmah said the players will play with their lives against Morocco in their third match of the 2021 African Senior Nations Championship in Rwanda.

Okonmah told www.aclspors.com that the team is aspiring to be in this year’s Nations Cup semifinals.

She said, “We believe on Friday, the team will be victorious by the grace of God because we aspiring to be in the semifinals. The match against Morocco is going to be a “do or die affair” for us because if we lose the game, we are out of any medal table”.

The NSCDC player said she is proud of her teammates despite losing by 3 straight sets to Rwanda in a painful manner.

She said, “I was not happy as the captain that Nigeria lost by 3-0 but I am proud of the fighting spirit of the team; I believe we gave Rwanda a good fight during the game.

“The length of camping compared to other nations here, we showed them the Nigerian spirit of not giving up. I give kudos to the team and the ladies are not in Rwanda to compete alone”.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone that has been there for the women’s national team; kudos to those who showed concern to us during and after camping. I pray we will make everyone proud by making it to the semifinals and securing a medal” she added.

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