Taekwondo: It is not by height says KAC gold medallist, Agada

Taekwondo: It is not by height says KAC gold medallist, Agada

Elijah Agada, 14 years old, won gold at the 9th Korea Ambassador Cup in Abuja. Many of his opponents were much older and taller than him.

The national junior champion defeated four opponents in the round robin, beating Nasarawa’s Abdulhalim Mohammed in the semi final and won Q-Madi’s Samuel Korede by referee’s punitive declaration (PUN) in the men’s -48kg junior category.

Agada told www.aclsports.com that he was not intimidated by his opponents despite their appearances and postures.

The Benue born fighter said, “I am glad winning a gold medal at my first Korea Ambassador Cup and I am grateful to God.

Elijah Agada: I started Taekwondo at the age of 4

“Despite having opponents taller than me, I felt normal like in the bible David beat Goliath. I think everything is possible because it is not by height or weight but skills”.

He revealed that his father told him not to let his guards down during the championship.

“My father told me so many things about fighting, experience. He reminded me to keep my guard up, not to remain in the same position and many more. I am looking forward to more events where I can display my God given talent”.

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