Rivers Angels owed three year match bonuses

Rivers Angels owed three year match bonuses

Reigning female AITEO Cup champions and Super 4 contenders, Rivers Angels are being owed three years match bonus an aggrieved source who pleaded anonymity revealed.

“The team (Rivers Angels) has won the AITEO Cup for three consecutive seasons and eight in total. Five league titles and among the four teams that qualified for the Super 4 but didn’t even get a single match bonus this season,” our source began.

“Last season, we only got bonuses for league matches (eight of those paid from the AITEO Cup prize money at the end of the season with only one match bonus paid by the ministry) but yet to get that of the AITEO Cup matches played last season; to think that the team won the same competition last year.

“This season again, the management is relying on the AITEO Cup prize money to offset some of the bonuses. The ministry is not saying anything,” our source added.

In addition to the owed bonuses from last season, “This season, no single match bonus has been paid – both league and AITEO Cup and we equally have six outstanding match bonuses from 2016.”

In a nutshell, here’s what is being owed players of Rivers Angels:

1) Six outstanding league match bonuses from 2016.

2) AITEO Cup match bonuses from 2017. Only one league match bonus was paid by the Ministry of Sports while the remaining eight were paid from AITEO Cup prize money in 2017.

3) In 2018, the inhumane treatment of the girls was taken a notch higher with no league match bonus and no AITEO Cup match bonus paid despite winning the Cup and qualifying for the Super 4 where the league winner for the year 2018 will be decided.

It was also revealed by our source that the men (Rivers United) are not owed any match bonus. This then begs the question: why should the girls suffer such inhumane treatment and not be paid what is due them?

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