Post Covid-19: Tanzania resumes league with fans at venues

Post Covid-19: Tanzania resumes league with fans at venues

Tanzania becomes the second African country to reopen her domestic football league after Burundi following months of interruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The authorities said they believe it was now safe enough to resume football in the country and that health officials are “fully prepared” to assist the FA and clubs.

Like Burundi, fans were allowed to attend the weekend and Monday games in Tanzania after undergoing temperature checks at the gates and hand washing. They were also made to wear face masks and keep social distancing while inside the stadium.

However, children and older persons were not allowed in, in accordance with directives from the sports ministry.

In a statement released late Monday, the FA said it was “very satisfied with the high level of obedience and maturity” displayed by supporters and that the success of the matchday was a good sign for the return of football.

Burundi has recorded relatively low Covid-19 cases so far, with 85 infections and 1 death.


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