Peter Ahmedu unfazed about Dolphins’ young roster

Peter Ahmedu unfazed about Dolphins’ young roster

Newly appointed coach Dolphins Basketball Club Peter Ahmedu is not perturbed about having a young team in the upcoming Zenith Bank Women’s Basketball League.

The death of Dolphins Club chairman Gbadebowale Aboderin brought a lot of uncertainties last year leaving many unsure of the Club’s future.

Ahmedu is prepared to work with the available players after an extreme out-flux of players on Dolphins roster to other clubs.

“I came to take over a young team and they were done with their screening before I arrived. Dolphins believe so much in grassroots so I am presently training with them. Just two experienced players Veronica and Joy are with the team others left. They were thinking after the death of their chairman they were going to disband the team so most of them left. We will make good use of what we have and take every game the way it comes. If we win we take it, If it doesn’t come we will stay focused and believe that we do better as we go on,” Ahmedu said.

“Dolphins didn’t give me a target but you know they won’t come out to tell you clearly that you must win unlike First Bank will tell you I brought you here to come and win.Winning to me is an attitude I’ll take the game as it comes even though it’s a young team I’ll definitely find myself in the medal table,” he added.

The former First Bank coach is looking forward to having a good working relationship with Ochuko Okworogun who was previously in charge of the team.

Ahmedu also admitted his Dolphins’ appointment came as a big surprise to him.

“We have always had a good relationship for a very long time. I coached her years ago when I was at Dolphins between 2005-2007. She was very happy to receive me when I arrived this time and I am also happy working with her.

“I was confident about getting a job with another female team after I left First Bank but I was not expecting it to come so soon and was not looking at Dolphins because the date for the league was not out and some clubs would wait till the date is out. I also felt my next job will be from one of the new teams. Nevertheless, getting it now is a big plus to me and any ground available for me I’ll go there and make impact.”

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