Peter Ahmedu: My First Bank contract was not renewed

Peter Ahmedu: My First Bank contract was not renewed

After coaching multiple champions of the Zenith Bank Premier League, First Bank for three years, Peter Ahmedu will no longer handle the team following expiration of his contract.

Ahmedu told First Bank didn’t find it necessary to renew his contract after he demanded for a salary increase.

“My contract expired and they didn’t feel there was a need to renew my contract but I can tell you we had a good relationship.

Peter Ahmedu

“I requested for a salary increase as a professional coach working there for three years it’s not a bad deal. If there was a need we would have come to a conclusion and they would have done something about it but they didn’t they have a better say and a final say,” Ahmedu said.

Since taking over from Adewunmi Aderemi in October 2015, the D’Tigress assistant coach led the team to three straight league titles, three straight FIBA Africa Zone 3 titles and back to back third place finish at the FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Women.

“I thank First Bank for the opportunity they gave me and my assistant. We were there with them for three years and some months since October 2015. It’s been a good experience we have won the league back to back to back, we have won the FIBA Africa Zonal championship back to back to back and finished third twice at the Africa championship.”

The former Mark Mentors coach is confident of handling another female team in the new season which tips off next month.

“I am a free coach still waiting for the right opportunity before the league starts and I am sure it will come soon. I was with a male team before I diverted to the female so if it’s the female that comes I’ll take it, but if it’s the male I’ll take it. For now, I want to stick with a female team for another one year to be able to get my rhythm and get the philosophy that I want to build for five years before I start to think of shifting. Nevertheless if a male team comes I won’t mind I will take the job.

Ahmedu explained the differences between coaching a male team and a female team.

“The female players are more disciplined and when you teach them it takes time for them to grab the plays but when they do, they don’t deviate from it. While it takes very short time for male players to understand but tell them to go on a vacation or break they return and don’t remember anything like you never taught them.”

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