One year after: Nigeria has forgotten us, says Powerlifting Bronze medalist

One year after: Nigeria has forgotten us, says Powerlifting Bronze medalist

Nigeria’s ParaPowerlifter, Nnamdi Innocent, has said that the country he and his mates represented at the Rio Paralympics has abandoned them.

Today (Sunday) makes it exactly a year Nnamdi Innocent won a bronze medal for the country in the 72kg category.

“One year after, we yet to get anything from this promises. Watching our president reward the victorious female basketball team brought tears to eyes. The government promised to host and reward the team and the members of the National Assembly each pledged to donate N50,000 to us,” he said, saying that none of these have has come true for the players.

He then called on President Muhammadu Buhari, the National Assembly and Sports ministry to reward the paralympians for the feat achieved at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

“We the paralympian are determined and ready at all time. What we need from the government is motivation and we will conquer to world. But am still hopeful dat our president can still remember us since he hosted the 1985 golden eaglet team why not us,” he said, while urging the government to motivate the para powerlifters in order to surpass previous records for the country.

He recalled that the paralympians had broken and set new world records with a total of 12 gold, two silver and two bronze medals after a disastrous outing at the Olympics Games.

“I’m using this medium to appeal to our president, the National Assembly and the Ministry of Sports to reward us because we deserved to be honoured because we put everything we have to make sure we did not let our country down,” he said.

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