Ofoha proud to represent Nigeria at AAG volleyball qualifiers

Ofoha proud to represent Nigeria at AAG volleyball qualifiers

Canada born Nigerian player, Uchenna Ofoha said he is proud to represent his fatherland at the 2019 All Africa Games qualifiers in Cote d’Ivoire which begins this weekend.

The 24 years old said his decision to play for Nigeria is personal also said he will use the opportunity to learn more about Nigeria.

He said, “This is my first time to represent my country. First it was kind of rocky, kind of slow but we got together. We all know how to play volleyball so it didn’t take us long to get acquainted with one another.

“My parents are Nigerians and have always been proud of this country. I have been blessed to go and live in Canada but I just felt it is time for me to come home and represent my country Nigeria”.

“I have to learn more about my culture, where my parents come and this is just a perfect time.

“I once visited when I was like six so I can’t remember much so this is like my first time here really. Everybody has been accommodating and treating me very well.  I have no complaints,” the CVM of Germany player.

The Germany based professional disclosed that the hot weather in Africa will not affect his play.

He said, “I have played in hot weather before, played beach volleyball before, which is always in hot weather, and would just need a lot of water”.

On what he feels about his team mates, he said they are fun to be with.

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