Ocheho: I was criticised for trusting Fidelis Obi and others

Ocheho: I was criticised for trusting Fidelis Obi and others

The President of Handball Federation of Nigeria, Samuel Ocheho said he was widely criticised for the choice of Emeka Nnamdi and Fidelis Obi as coaches of the under 18 and 20 respectively.

Ocheho told www.aclsports.com that the coaches proved doubters wrong by emerging champions at the IHF Africa Challenge Trophy. “I was criticised because they were goalkeepers during their playing days so people felt they couldn’t be competent trainers”.

He said Fidelis Obi remains one of the best coaches in Nigeria due to his consistency over the years.

“The country’s cadet coaches are new on the scene; many people criticised these choices but today they’ve proved them wrong. Weeks ago, they came third at the Youth Games in Algeria, now they are coming first at the continental phase of the IHF trophy”.

Ocheho said, “The coach for the under 20 (Fidelis Obi) is very experienced because he’s been doing this for a while and he has shown to us that he’s the best in the country by delivering the trophy”.

The former handball player said the country is ready for the Cadet and Junior Nations Cup later this year.

“We are prepared. The new information is that this competition qualifies us for the junior and Cadet Nation’s Cup. We are glad, happy and we believe people are about to witness a new birth in handball”.

“We pray for the grace of God to lead us in order to continue the good works and take handball to greater heights in Nigeria” he ended.

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