NWPL Super 4: Bayelsa Govt pledges support for women’s football

NWPL Super 4: Bayelsa Govt pledges support for women’s football

After Sunday’s NWPL Super 4 victory over Nasarawa Amazons, Bayelsa State Commissioner for Sports Buruboyefe Perekiye has pledged the Government’s continued support for women’s football in the state.

According to him, after failing to win the league for more than a decade, the state Government’s support amongst many other factors were responsible for Bayelsa Queens NWPL Super 4 triumph.

“First and foremost it was God. Secondly the Government supported the team in whatever way possible and I think the players were also serious and really needed to win this cup,” he said.

Adding that going forward “We will continue to support women’s football. Infact, we will continue to support sports and God willing we will continue to win trophies upon trophies.”

The girls have done their part and won the trophy for the first time in 12 years, what kind of reception should they be expecting from the Government?

“First and foremost Monday is our Governor’s birthday and we wanted to give him this as a birthday gift.

“We have won it and we are going to give this to him and if you have been following sports in Bayelsa our Governor loves sports and we know he will reward them handsomely. I cannot say how and when but he will reward them handsomely,” he assured.

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