Maroc Diary 4: The crew enjoys Fisco the Captain Cook

Maroc Diary 4: The crew enjoys Fisco the Captain Cook

Saturday was not really one filled with serious activities as I try to recover from the rigours of Friday’s work.

The day started with an unexpected courtesy call from the NFF Delegation to Morocco on Nigerian journalists covering this championship. The delegation led by Ahmed Yusuf Fresh was delighted to have us and we exchanged some banters with Fresh willfully obliging me a selfie. That’s all. I mean, that is all!

In a country where there is fast-speed internet, we watched the lunch time game in England’s Premier League seamlessly on Mobdro before heading to the Stadium at 3pm for the Eagles training.

We (journalists from Nigeria) were granted full access to the entire session and some of us also had the chance to show our few footballing skills with the spare ball at the sideline as the Eagles did their thing.

A certain Tobi Adepoju, the selfstyled OgaNla Media has been trying to compete with me in some ways by attempting to hijack and disabuse my good rapport with ladies in Tangier. During the Eagles training, another of our friend Amos Joseph (author of this ) was chatting with two ladies who are part of the CAF Medical team and I joined, flowing well with them. Tobi was busy snapping malicious pictures.

The height of it was when my Guinea babe (not Gabon, apologies) also showed up for the Eagles training and after exchanging pleasantries, handed her to the French speaking colleague of ours to aid her work. Tobi tried all he could to sway her attention to his side.

When we thought he had found success, our French-speaking friend came back to tell us on our way home that: “Na Fisayo that girl like o. She like am wella”. Isn’t God good? Should I start contacting my footballer friend Bolaji Sakin in Guinea to help me with her family address?

On our way home, we saw an automated car wash doing its job of washing and drying the car within twenty minutes. After arguing about some functions of it among ourselves, we decided to do a Moses (Exodus 3:3).

We found out indeed that it was fully automated and you pity some youths that will be unemployed as a result of that.

We then proceeded home and for the time to eat, my friend Amos proposed if I don’t mind Spaghetti. Of course I don’t and even volunteered to treat them to my brilliance in Spaghetti preparation.

With limited resources and Nigeria Info’s Emmanuel Etim doing the domestic errand, I delivered a world class Spaghetti meal which made all five that partook of it longing for more.

I slept quite early, around midnight so as to wake early for the anticipated lengthy trip to Agadir in Sunday.

Sorry I can’t go more than here because I actually forgot many of the things I had written in my original draft which disappeared with the suspicion of activities of my village people.

See you early, tomorrow .

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    Reply Jose January 21, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Yeee deep ju. Gabon babes. Make iya Amanda read ur post Peere wa saleye

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