Marius Vizer: Nigeria Judo present non-judokas for visa

Marius Vizer: Nigeria Judo present non-judokas for visa

The President of International Judo Federation, Marius Vizer revealed that Nigeria Judo Federation present non judokas for international event.

Vizer stated this during an interactive session tagged “#AskVizer” on social media early September, 2019.

Marius Vizer informed that IJF has always supported Nigeria with facilities, equipment and funds.

He said, “We have supported them but the problem of the Nigerian Judo is that they are sending visa applications to different sports events for a lot of people which are not at the level of the IJF tour and not necessarily travelling with sporting intentions”.

He noted that the International Judo Federation spends more than 8 million dollars on regional development of Judo programs in Sub Sahara Africa.

Vizer said, “We spend more than 8 million in such programmes every year.

He further said, “We are very much involved in supporting the regional development in judo in all possible territories but the efficiency of the programme depends as well on the contribution and application from the National Federation and sports bodies from these territories”.

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