Magic in the Air – the African song that won the World Cup  

Magic in the Air – the African song that won the World Cup  

Magic in the Air, is the title of the song you heard each time France scored or won a match at the just concluded FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Les Blues eventually clinched the ultimate on Sunday and we saw the entire team and their fans dancing to the tune ‘Magic in the Air’, during the medal ceremonies. YouTube link here of the song.

‘Magic in the Air’ is a song by an Ivorian all-male group of four called Magic System which was released in 2014, but appears to still be in vogue because of the ‘luck’ it brings to those who adopt it as their battle mantra.

ACLsports spoke to the lead vocalist of the group just after the final between France and Croatia.

“We are very proud to hear our song, an African song, played across those huge stadiums during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Although no African team reached the final, hearing that song each time and even in the final, brings joy to our hearts,” A’salfo said.

Strangely, no permission was sought for its usage by France national team and the authors of the song only heard it while watching the tournament on television.

“We were surprised to hear the song when Antoine Griezmann scored France’s first goal of the tournament against Australia. We felt perhaps it was just picked accidentally. But it was being played all along. However, upon inquiry, we were told France Football Federation chose that song as the team’s official tune for the 2018 World Cup,” he said.

A song that brings luck?

A’salfo can’t really tell. Current France president Emmanuel Macron also used ‘Magic in the Air’ during his 2017 election. It was also the official hymn of Euro 2016 won by Portugal.

“We don’t know if it brings luck to people using it, but I feel they kind of find it as a moral and spiritual companion during their moments of joy and pain. There is some kind of connection and that is what makes us proud as Africans. There are lots of musicians and songs in France and Europe, if ours was chosen for this I think it is history making.”

‘Magic in the Air’ has raked more that 200 million views on Youtube.

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