LaLiga Nigeria: Sid Lowe engages Nigerian media on LaLiga

LaLiga Nigeria: Sid Lowe engages Nigerian media on LaLiga

Spanish football expert, Sid Lowe, met with a section of the Nigerian media during an educative session organised by LaLiga Nigeria on Saturday.

The event, tagged “Inside LaLiga with Sid Lowe”, covered the importance of sports journalism and international character of the Spanish League, LaLiga.

Speaking at the event, Lowe, a renowned international journalist with bias for LaLiga, was excited to share amongst other things his ‘lucky’ journey into journalism, and why LaLiga is the best league in the world.

“I am excited to be in Nigeria, to engage, interact and forge meaningful conversations with like minds and colleagues in Nigeria.”

“This has been a very valuable experience with lovers of football – sharing experiences in our profession. LaLiga has been a source of extreme happiness to millions of people across the world, and I am happy to have been able to share amazing insights into the culture, style and peculiarities of the amazing football league”.

On what makes LaLiga different from other league, the England born journalist added;

“LaLiga teams are (very) good at football, but I find LaLiga fascinating because the teams are very embedded in their communities and identity.”

On LaLiga’s commitments to not only to deepen the interest and knowledge of the Spanish league but also to inspire new fans of LaLiga in the country, Managing Director of LaLiga Nigeria, Javier Del Rio, had this to say;

“We saw this as an opportunity to showcase insights from the league through the view of a professional reporter, in a bid to educate them on the culture and passion of LaLiga.

As one of the best journalists reporting for LaLiga worldwide, Sid Lowe allows us to connect with the Nigerian media, through the view of an industry analyst.”

“We are excited to be creating premium experiences for our partners and we are certain hearing from a professional reporter has been exciting.”

With Nigerians becoming more and more familiar with LaLiga and its various big games which has garnered them more Nigerian supporters, LaLiga continues to build its brand presence in Nigeria through events such as this one

The event is part of activities by LaLiga to continue supporting the growth of grassroots football in Nigeria, and introducing their old and new fans to the Spanish league and the best in world football while expanding their worldviews.

It was well attended climaxed with Lowe gleefully expressing his happiness at finally tasting the Nigerian jollof rice.

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