Isa Rasheed: The dazzling 11 year old at summer basketball clinic

Isa Rasheed: The dazzling 11 year old at summer basketball clinic

11 year old Isa Rasheed, a basketball player who started playing four years ago, lives with his supportive parents in Port Harcourt.

Usually, kids within his age bracket have stipulated days for training sessions after school hours at the basketball court on 59, Niger Street Port Harcourt ( Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

Occasionally, clinics are organised by different groups or the Rivers State Sports council. During summer holidays like they are at the moment, OlympAfrica holds basketball clinics for ages 10-16.

OlympAfrica is a summer sports education programme for the young, sporting non-governmental organisation, established by the IOC which encourages young people to continue sporting activities along with their education.

The University of Port Harcourt , the centre for OlympAfrica was the the brains behind this first edition which involved coaching clinics, seminars and competition to hundreds of teenagers and school children.

Isa Rasheed

Rasheed emerged most valuable player of the young category and he shared his thoughts with

“I feel very happy winning today’s game because during the game there was much pressure so I had to play well so that we didn’t lose the game,” he said.

“I had to do all I could for my team so that my team mates don’t cry which would have made them feel bad thinking I did nothing to give them the victory or I contributed to losing the game,” words of an outspoken 11 year old.

His ball movement, passing ability, rebounding and scoring were to say the least outstanding. Those were the qualities that earned him the accolade at the end of the tournament.

Rasheed wants to be a doctor and a basketball player. It is left to be seen how the young lad hopes to cope with combining both professions in the future.

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