Interview with Ghana’s Volleyball coach, Camil Agbenyegah

Interview with Ghana’s Volleyball coach, Camil Agbenyegah What happened to your team today? It appears we watched a different team from those that played yesterday.

Agbenyegah: No, it is the same team. The sole issue here is fatigue. My girls were so tired, from the long journey by road from Accra and the game against Ivory Coast yesterday. We needed to win our opening match and so they put their all to snatch a 3-1 victory over the host side. But you had one full day of rest and trained very well this morning.

Agbenyegah: No, no, our training today was not really what we wanted to do. We noticed that the girls were not doing fine; not sickness, but they weren’t in their usual brilliant form. Perhaps over confidence from the victory over Ivory Coast?

Agbenyegah: No, you can never have that feeling ahead of a game with Nigeria. Nigeria are older, more experienced and more physically fit than us. Although we beat them last year, we no longer have the same squad.

This Ghana team are very young. They are the youngest of the competition. You can make your checks. We are proud of what they have achieved so far despite falling to Nigeria today. Do you think you can still qualify?

Agbenyegah: Very sure. There is no way Ivory Coast can beat Nigeria tomorrow. And if Nigeria win we come second and that hands us our ticket.

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