I’m not a bad boy – Serge Aurier

I’m not a bad boy – Serge Aurier

Ivory Coast international, Serge Aurier is relishing his move to Tottenham Hotspurs from PSG. He spoke to ACLSports about his new move to the Premier League, the Elephants World Cup qualifying campaign and his off-the-pitch image in Bouake shortly after the Ivory Coast vs Gabon match.

ACLSports: How would you describe today’s game? A stunning 2-1 loss to Gabon.

Serge Aurier: Very stunning. Nobody expected this. We played our best but couldn’t overturn the score. Personally, I feel Gabon were the better side today.

Serge Aurier

ACLSports: What are you planning to do at your new club Tottenham as you head back tomorrow?

Serge Aurier: You know the Premier League is very tough. You have to be prepared. You have to be in good shape to fit in. I think I am set to hit the ground running from my first match.

ACLSports: Were you particularly fed up at your former club PSG and happy that you have left Paris?

Serge Aurier: No, not really. I knew it was time for me to move on. We had been thinking of that for a while and when the opportunity emerged we grabbed it.

ACLSports: Many people, including some of your fans, feel you are the new ‘bad boy’ of European and African football, following issues with your former coach at PSG and the French police. What do you think?

Serge Aurier: (Laugh). No, I’m not a bad boy and will not be. I only try to defend myself and say what I feel and think and many people are getting me wrong even when I try to accommodate with their ways of life.

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