Headwaters Academy will birth world class squash players

Headwaters Academy will birth world class squash players

Sponsor of Headwaters Squash Academy, Oluwaseun Peters says his plan is to build players that will rule Africa and the world. Peters told www.aclsports.com that he is using squash to shape the future of young players.

He said, “One of the objectives of Headwaters Squash Academy is to help shape the future of young athletes through squash.

“I intend building world class and sound minded players that will make meaningful impact in the society both in squash and other ways of life”.

The Lagos based coach said since his players have been ruling the age grade since 2013, their chances of ruling the senior category is high.

He said, “I am optimistic that my players can rule the country since they have been ruling the age categories since 2013, which I have a strong conviction that by the time we have them at the senior category, the winning streak will continue.

“Only Desmond Iguodala (former junior champion /former Junior no 2) is playing in d senior now”.

Peters said Nigeria can break into the top four squash playing nation in Africa.

He said, “I see Nigeria becoming 2nd to the Egyptians, most especially with the current federation under the leadership of Boye Oyerinde, we can go far and catch up with South Africa in five years.

On ways to develop Squash in Nigeria, Peters said, “A non-breaking serious, practical grassroots and follow up programme with robust sponsorship both from the government and multinationals for the next 10 years. The coaches and referees need international exposures”.

Reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, he said, “Just as it affects every activity all over the world, ours is not different. The players could not train to the maximum and there was no tournament to attend. The challenges to focus on while training, this really affects the players attention and seriousness”.

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