Handball: Muhinat Yusuf is ready for Prudent League

Handball: Muhinat Yusuf is ready for Prudent League

Muhinat Yusuf says she is ready to make her debut at the 2020 Prudent Energy Handball League. Muhinat Yusuf’s team, Kwara Adorable Angels qualified for the elite league after lifting the 2019 Nigeria Handball Division One League in Kaduna state.

The Nigeria senior international told www.aclsports.com that herself and teammates are not intimidated by the high profile players in the highest handball league in Nigeria.

She revealed that if the Chairman of Kwara State Handball Association, Emmanuel Olubiyo had not stopped her from been poached by other teams in 2018, her career must have nosedived.

She said, “I am ready to play and finally make my debut in the Prudent Energy Handball League after so many trials. Since I beg playing handball in 2010, my dream has been to showcase my talent at the highest league in the country and I am happy that my dream is becoming a reality.

“I and my teammates are aware of the calibers of players plying their trades in the league. Some are ex internationals, some are in the current national team, some were playing outside the country while others have been playing before we were born. I want to assure you that we will not be carried away by their records; we are determined never to give up”.

“In 2018, few of us nearly made mistakes that would have cost us our careers. We were eager to play in the Prudent Energy Handball League because some of our friends played in the first phase. We got offers from some top clubs who had seen us play but the only problem was that we will not play together.

“When the chairman of our association in Kwara state got wind of the information, he stormed the venue of the league and staged a protest to the officials of the league with tangible reasons. This selfless act by our chairman, Emmanuel Olubiyo saved our careers and I am happy we all will be playing together as a team in the forthcoming league”, she told www.aclsports.com

Yusuf said she felt excited winning the 2019 Nigeria Handball Division One League in Kaduna.

“All adoration is to be given to Almighty Allah for lifting the 2019 Nigeria Handball Division One League. The final against Benue Queens was tough and tight; we drew during regular time and eventually won in the extra time. Our chairman was at very supportive, Coach Isiaka Atanda motivated us from the touchline while we on the court never gave us. During the preliminaries to the Semi finals, our male counterparts were on the stands encouraging us from the start of the game to the end”.

Ahead of the forthcoming National Sports Festival, Yusuf said, “I want to put everything in God’s hand, when that time comes we will cross that bridge”.

The U21 handball player said she was excited when she made the list of players going to the 2019 African Games in Morocco.

She said, “When the list came out and I saw my name, I was full of joy. I want to say a big than you to my coach and teammates for their prayers and supports during the senior camping exercise”.

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