Handball League: missed chances cost us victory – Danladi Quadri

Handball League: missed chances cost us victory – Danladi Quadri

The assistant coach of Borno Spiders, Danladi Quadri attributed the result against CAOS shooters to the inability of the players to convert their chances at the Prudent League in Lagos.

Borno spiders drew 23-23 against CAOS shooters at the indoor court Rowe Park Yaba in the men’s Day 3.

Quadri said his boys are more experienced than their opponents and he did not expect the match to end in a draw.

“The boys played below expectations and I never expected them to draw this game against the Chief of Army staff (COAS) Shooters because my players are far better than them.

“It’s just that the opportunities we had, the boys misused them, if the boys took their chances during the early minutes, we would have won with a very large margin”, he said.

He told aclsports.com that two of his key players were missing in the squad.

“Two of my key players were out; one due to injury and the second one is due to transfer fee. I have taken the statistics of all my opponents before my game.

“I am going to work with the information at my disposal and definitely the Borno Spiders will finish between first to third. To be honest, the opportunities the COAS Shooters had, they perfectly utilised it but we are more experienced than them”, Quadri said.

Joseph Augustine of CAOS shooters converted a penalty in the dying minutes of the game to extend their lead by one point but Umar Babagana of Borno spiders scored a goal at the stroke of time to level the game 23-23

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