Diary 11/12: When a Russian calls you a beautiful man

Diary 11/12: When a Russian calls you a beautiful man

How do you react when a pretty lady calls you “a beautiful man”? Thank God for helping me to keep my composure when this lady in the picture said that to me over a cup of coffee in Moscow on Saturday.

I arrived, as scheduled in Moscow on Friday morning and after waiting for a couple of hours at the train station, I proceeded to the already booked Hotel apartment not far to the gigantic Luzhniki Stadium, venue of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia opening and final games.

Two press conferences were scheduled for Friday so I had to quickly get to the Stadium at least, to meet one of them. That was my first time entering that Stadium. It is such a massive edifice. As a Chelsea fan, entering the Luzhniki brought back memories of 2008 Champions League final when John Terry missed a crucial penalty kick as Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired Manchester United won in the shootout.

It was a good day, quiet but serene as I got familiar with the terrain of the Luzhniki Stadium where I will spend majority of my remaining days in Russia starting from Spain vs Russia on Sunday.

Saturday was more like it for the ACLSports crew. We left for the Stadium a bit late due to the downpour. By the way, Russia, a sane clime are so organised that we got text messages from our mobile networks earlier in the day, warning us of the impending rainfall and what to do and not to do. Check the message out ?. Who send you for Naija?

On our way to the Stadium, we met this damsel, a volunteer from Kazan, also on her way to the Stadium. She was very helpful, helped us to negotiate our way after one of the Metro Stations was closed and we got talking till we reached the Stadium. She told me she’s at the Media Café so I could check her anytime I’m through at the Spain press conference.

Okay, I went there during the second game, paid for a cuppa coffee for me and we chatted some more. She is a financial expert who has travelled to some parts of the world, including Africa – my beloved Morocco. We spoke more about Nigeria, Morocco and other “stuff” and it was while dismissing the notion that many Russians are racists that she told me what the attendant at the café said when she brought me in “She told me you are a such a beautiful man.” I shock, but errrrmm, Fisayo keep calm.

It was an enjoyable, educative discourse that lasted through the second half of Uruguay vs Portugal, she was rooting for Portugal, of course because of Ronaldo, but we know how that ended. Game ended and she saw me off, promising to take me to the Fan Fest when she returns from a trip abroad in about a week.

That’s the situation report, those of you wishing to have a Russian in-law, just keep praying. Oh, by the way, her name is Nara. (Not bad, right?)

Sunday is match day, and I’m preparing for my first pitch-side experience in Russia.


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    Nice one bro. By the way, regards to Nara our ‘in-law’ to be!

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