Dauda Saje: Sunday Akapson brought out the monster in me

Dauda Saje: Sunday Akapson brought out the monster in me

Nigeria Correctional Service (NCS) volleyball player, Dauda Saje said Sunday Akapson brought out the monster in him during his younger days.

Saje told www.aclsports.com that the veteran setter, Sunday Akapson picked interest in him after returning to Bauchi from his Arabian club side during his off season.

He said the Nigeria Customs Service volleyball team captain always played him in every tournament he attends.

Saje said, “During my sojourn as a young volleyball player, former Africa number one setter, Sunday Akapson came to Bauchi state during his off season at his club side. He picked interest in my style of play, trained and molded me into a monster. He devoted a large part of his time to teach me how to play position 4. He also taught me how to position in the game of volleyball.

“The love and passion I have for volleyball is beyond what I can explain; I devoted my time for volleyball then and now. I remember then anytime we go for a competition with Sunday Akapson, I always gotto play in the final from the beginning to the end.

The former GSP volleyball club of Algiers player told www.aclsports.com that he dumped football for volleyball after having unsuccessful career during his senior secondary school days.

He said, “I venture into volleyball during my Senior Secondary School (SSS) 1. I used to play football as a teenager but was not that good; my friends always pick me last during matches. One fateful day in church, the youth wing of my church introduce volleyball as a game to the younger ones.

“I picked interest and started learning; then no one had time to put me through. I stopped playing football in my house and began to carry volleyball to school; I eventually made friends who took me to the stadium.

“I remember the first time I when to stadium, we were introduced to volleyball, welcomed by the then coach of Bauchi state volleyball team, Suleiman lilimaro; Late Charkuma was there and Mudi who put us through daily”.

The former Madina Club Benghazi of Libya player said he won his first medal at the U23 ECOWAS championship after beating Niger Republic 3-2 (major set).

He said, “My toughest match was when Nigeria played against at the 2015 All African Games qualifiers in Burkina Faso. I was at my best during the match and played 5 sets in the game. The game ended 3-2 major sets and I was on fire during the qualifiers.

“The other I remember is the U23 ECOWAS games and we played against Niger Republic. The game was not easy but we won by 3-2 major sets and I won my first medal playing for Nigeria”.

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